SEIU Healthcare Sues To Force State Pay On Workers’ Health


A labor union representing home health care workers in Illinois has filed legal action to force the government to pay health insurance costs.  SEIU Healthcare Illinois filed in St. Clair County Friday seeking a temporary restraining order against Gov. Bruce Rauner and Comptroller Leslie Munger.

The union contends they have refused to pay the government's portion of health insurance costs despite a contractual obligation.

It says the state owes $1.5 million from last year and $11.8 million since July. The union says if the state doesn't pay up, the workers will lose all health insurance after Dec. 31.

“Gov. Bruce Rauner’s extreme agenda is on full display as he seeks to deny basic health insurance for low-wage home healthcare workers who not only struggle just to make ends meet but who provide some of the most important and essential services to  protect adults with disabilities," said SEIU Healthcare President Keith Kelleher, in a press release.
Spokesmen for Rauner and Munger did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The issue affects nearly 5,000 personal health care assistants who make as little as $15,000 a year.

Story source: AP