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Sex Offender in Vermilion County Arrested


A registered sex offender from Vermilion County is in custody on child pornography charges, and authorities say a national organization was partially responsible for the arrest.

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan was in Danville Wednesday to announce one count of child pornography filed against 70-year old Leroy Piehl of Tilton. Madigan said his arrest is the sixth since her office launched an initiative targeting the most active participants in downloading and distributing child pornography.

Vermilion County State's Attorney Randy Brinegar said a search warrant was conducted Tuesday night at his home where law enforcement officials seized six computers and external hard drives and discs. The disc contained more than 5,000 images of young boys.

Piehl had been posting pictures of children to a social networking website.

Madigan said the presence of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children provided the tip. Scott Mulford, a spokesman for the Illinois attorney general's office, said the center has targeted the most active child porn viewers.

"There have been arrests and charges made in virtually every corner of the state," said Mulford.

Piehl is already a registered sex offender. Brinegar said it is not unusual for such people to re-offend. Piehl is being held on a $50,000 bond.