SIUC Issues Campus Safety Alert


The FBI and SIUC Police are investigating after a threat was received through the mail around midnight on Tuesday evening.

Authorities say they don’t consider the threat to be credible, but a campus safety alert was issued to students, faculty and staff this morning.

SIUC Spokesman Rod Sievers said the alert was issued as a precaution, but he said people should go about their regular business.

“The credibility of this threat is in doubt, the authorities are actively pursuing their investigation," Sievers said. "And if anything else is determined to warrant further action, certainly that would be relayed to the campus community.”

A spokesman for the FBI said there is little they can release about the threat, only that it came through the mail and is not considered credible.

Both campus and FBI officials say the safety of students, faculty and staff are of the utmost importance and they’re taking the threat seriously.

Story source: Illinois Public Radio