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Six Months After Tornado, Washington Issues 600 Recovery Permits


Washington has issued more than 600 permits to help residents rebuild following last year’s tornado. 

 The permitting covers half of all the homes that were completely destroyed after the EF4 tornado leveled entire subdivisions. City Administrator Tim Gleason said that hundreds of homeowners aren’t communicating what they plan to do with their properties, almost six months later:

 “People are still dealing with insurance companies in some cases, understand that. And I think there are some people that have cleared all the hurdles, and there just aren't contractors available," Gleason said. "So the only thing I want to know is what are you intentions, and let’s make the property safe."

Gleason said some homes haven’t been touched since the tornado tore through the area. Washington’s total property damage totaled nearly $90 million, and demolition on the heavily-damaged Georgetown Common apartment complex starts Monday.

Still, city officials say they’re hopeful to secure part of $45 million the state is offering to help communities pay for recovery costs.