State Police Hand Kaiyewu Police Shooting Report to Prosecutor


The state's attorney in Vermilion County says it will take some time to digest more than 300 pages of testimony as well as audio and video from last month's police-action shooting.

Toto Kaiyewu of Texas was shot and killed by police after a 35-mile chase that ended on I-74 near Oakwood April 6th. Police say Kaiyewu had tried to run over a Villa Grove police officer who had stopped him, then approached police with a machete when his car was stopped after the chase. Kaiyewu's family is questioning the investigation, saying Kaiyewu was not a violent person.

State's Attorney Randy Brinegar says he has the videotape from the Villa Grove patrol car as well as other audio tape and Walmart security video suggesting Kaiyewu had bought a knife at a store in downstate Flora that night - but he says he'll want to thoroughly look over the report before he decides where to proceed next. He says that could take two weeks or more depending on his workload.

Story source: AP