Statewide Fine For Littering, Tossing Cigarettes


Tossing trash anywhere besides a garbage will soon cost you no matter where you are in Illinois. A new law imposes a statewide fine for littering.

State Sen. Bill Haine (D-Alton) hates litter, saying "it's irresponsible, it pollutes beautiful environments, God's creation, it creates ugliness."

He hates it so much that he goes around his neighborhood in Alton, picking it up himself.

"We don't have a dog anymore, but I use a Pooper Scooper, which is a remarkably efficient way to pick up litter," he said.

Haine explained that is why he sponsored legislation that creates a minimum $50 fine for tossing trash out a car window.

Another new law adds to what Illinois considers "litter" -- in addition to trash and yard clippings, the definition will now include cigarettes.

Story source: Illinois Public Radio