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Stephen Wolfram Discusses New Book, Signing Event

Stephen Wolfram delivering a lecture in 2015.

Stephen Wolfram delivering a lecture on "The Future of Computation and Knowledge" in 2015. Un Yarat/U.S. Embassy Phnom Penh via Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Stephen Wolfram has a rare public event in Champaign Wednesday evening.

The CEO of one of the area’s largest tech companies, Wolfram Research, will be at Barnes & Noble tonight discussing and signing copies of his latest book, “Adventures of a Computational Explorer.”

The book is a collection of essays and presentations that Wolfram has compiled from the last 10-15 years on a wide variety of topics.

Illinois Public Media’s Brian Moline spoke with Wolfram last week and asked him how he came up with the idea for this book.

"People seem to like reading them. I had fun writing them," Wolfram said. "I thought it would be a good thing to package them into a book that was kind of a collection of my miscellaneous, so to speak."

Wolfram's essays range from his work advising on the film "Arrival," to his life in technology, to "Data Science of the Facebook World."

His book signing and discussion begins at 6:00 p.m. Wednesday at Barnes & Noble in Champaign.