Still No Agreement Between Teachers, Champaign Schools


The union representing Champaign teachers says the latest bargaining session has failed to produce an agreement with the school district.

In press release issued after midnight - Illinois Federation of Teachers spokesman Dave Comerford said some contract proposals were rejected Wednesday night.

He said the union made a presentation on the financial sacrifices teachers have made the past eight years, contending salaries have not kept up with the cost of living. 

The union also discussed improved Unit 4 finances, and its financial ability to add 15 new employees. 

Both sides are now required to submit their latest offers with the state labor relations board by the end of the day Thursday. 

The IELRB will post the contract offers on its Web site seven calendar days later. After those offers are posted for 14 days, the union can legally strike. 

The union is also required to file a ten-day Intent to Strike notice, meaning the earliest a strike can occur is Oct. 18. 

The next bargaining session is set for Oct. 7.

UPDATE: Both the teachers' union and the Unit 4 school district plan to release new contract offers Thursday afternoon.

Story source: WILL