TB Patient Jailed In Piatt County


Local health officials say a Champaign man with tuberculosis who failed to comply with a court ordered quarantine is now jailed in Piatt County.

Two weeks ago, 24-year old Christian Ibanda was told by a Champaign County judge to stay confined to his apartment and wear a mask on doctor visits.

Champaign County Public Health Administrator Julie Pryde said he continually ignored warnings from authorities.

“The client was not staying in home isolation, he was not wearing his protective mask, and tore the quarantine sign off the door twice, and not wearing the protective mask from public health or probation who were coming in there," she said.

Pryde said her main goal is getting Ibanda treated until he’s no longer infectious.

He was arrested as his home last week, charged with contempt of court. 

Because of the infectious disease, he’s being held in the Piatt County Jail in Monticello, which has a negative pressure room that doesn’t share air with others. 

Ibanda denied the charges in a court hearing held there Tuesday.  

Another hearing will be held May 5th. 

Story source: WILL