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Two Days Into SEIU Strike - No New Talks


Aftter two days of a 3-day strike at the University of Illinois, a spokeswoman said there have been no new negotiations scheduled.

Building and food service workers with the Service Employees International Union plan to return to work Thursday at 12 a.m. 

Meanwhile, U of I spokeswoman Robin Kaler denied union claims that the absence of the union’s nearly 800 employees are causing disruptions, like overflowing trash containers and undercooked food in residence halls.

“Hot foods are hot, cold foods are cold, and it all tastes wonderful," she said.  "There is not as much trash collection as there normally is.  So there is not as much trash collection as there normally is.  So there are trash cans that have not been emptied. But we’re getting to them as we can, and dealing with the most essential services, which would of course include making sure students are fed.”

Kaler said the Urbana campus received even more support Tuesday from extra help and student workers.  She also said more union members have chosen to cross the picket lines and return to their jobs.  

Kaler said the suspension of civil service rules is a normal action the U of I would take when additional people are needed for essential functions.

SEIU Local 73 spokesman Adam Rosen said current conditions on campus show the U of I can’t function without the union, and this wouldn’t have happened if the university had submitted a fair cost of living increase in negotiations last week.

The union plans a noon hour rally on campus Wednesday outside the Illini Union.