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U of I Mascot Survey Results Released


Results have finally been released from a survey of University of Illinois students about finding a new mascot to replace Chief Illiniwek.

The results were held up a year and a half because of a complaint alleging the referendum interfered with two earlier referenda about re-instating the Chief as the Urbana campus’ official symbol.

In its ruling, a U of I student moot court that took up the case said the two earlier surveys focused on the status of Chief Illiniwek as the "symbol" of the University of Illinois, and did not make any mention of the word “mascot.”

The moot court said it is not uncommon for mascots and symbols to be separate entities, saying while the Chief’s role as a mascot has ended, it remains a symbol of the University.

With that ruling, results from the disputed 2011 survey were released, showing that out of 11,440 students who responded, 15 percent did not want a new mascot.

The rest favor a change, and the largest group among them asked for one of 48 possible mascots that were listed on the ballot, with the Eagle being the top vote getter.

The group Campus Spirit Revival said it hopes the results start a discussion about what it means to find a new mascot.

A pro-Chief Illiniwek group on campus that tried to block the survey could not be reached for comment.

The University, meanwhile, has said that it has no plans to reinstate Chief Illiniwek.

Results from the 2011 Campus Mascot Survey:

Name Votes
No Change 1767
Other Options 1369
Eagle 1071
The Fighting Illini 559
Chef Illini 458
Wolf 452
Illini Wolf 434
Fighting Abes 426
Grand Owl 1 332
Illini Abe 260
Kestrel 234
Dough Boy 230
Illini Pride 223
Honest Abe 2 217
Grand Owl 2 216
Squirrel 206
Kraken 191
Colonel 177
Kraken 3 150
Falcon 147
Big I 146
Corn Guy 138
Blue Bison 2 124
Honest Abe 124
Commander In Chief 121
Deer 114
Sabertooth 111
Fire Chief 106
Dragon Warriors 105
Illinois Abe 105
Werewolf 100
Illini Fire 95
Kraken 2 95
Blue Bison 91
Illini Abe 2 84
White Oak 84
Illinois Boxer 81
Apollo 74
Illini Invaders 58
Illini Tiger 56
Lincoln I Face 55
Ibex 43
Blue Gill 38
Scarecrow 36
Illini Totem 36
Phantom 32
Panther 28
Kites 20
Orange I 19
Illini Wolf 2