U Of I Urbana Campus Preps For Smoking Ban


Officials at the University of Illinois Urbana campus are gearing up for a completely smoke-free campus, starting Jan. 1.

Chancellor Phyllis Wise sent out a campus-wide email Tuesday morning, outlining the scope of the ban. It will ban anyone from smoking on any campus-owned property, indoors or outdoors, even when in their cars.

In her email, Wise said the ban on all forms of burning tobacco --- from cigarettes to pipes and hookahs  --- will protect everyone on campus from the hazards of 2nd-hand smoke. But campus spokesperson Robin Kaler says e-cigarettes, which provide nicotine without the smoke, will be banned as well.

“There’s information, data that shows (e-cigarettes) may be addictive as well,” said Kaler. “Separating them out just creates a lot of confusion. If someone sees someone with one, they’re not sure if it’s a real cigarette.”

Kaler spoke Tuesday on WILL’s Focus. Chancellor Wise was the main guest in that program. She said violators will receive warnings during the initial period of the ban, but that tougher enforcement could come later on.

But Wise said the university will also offer several tobacco-cessation programs through its health services, and sell nicotine-replacement products at the Illini Union, the State Farm Center and the campus rec centers.

Story source: WILL