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U Of I Urbana Fall Enrollment Sets All-Time High


The University of Illinois has nearly 43,400 students enrolled this semester at its Urbana campus - the largest number in the school's history.

The numbers got a boost from this year's freshman class, which is the second-largest to date.

On Tuesday, there were about 7,330 freshmen enrolled at the school. That's up about 5.7 percent from a year ago.

The largest-ever freshman class was recorded in 2005 and had almost 7,600 students.

Chancellor Phyllis M. Wise told the U of I's News Bureau she is impressed with the academic performance of the freshman class and said they will be given the opportunity make an impact at the university.

“Clearly, students recognize the value of an Illinois education and want to be a part of our rich tradition of excellence,” she said.

Wise said she also is optimistic about the possibilities that come with the diverse makeup of the class, which comprises 100 nations and every state. Illinois students make up nearly three-quarters of the class.

“Coming to Illinois is a great opportunity for students to know and be a part of the global community,” Wise said. “I’m encouraging students to go outside of themselves and reach out to someone who is different than they are. That’s how connections are formed.”

Fields of study with the most students include engineering, with just over 10,000 students, and liberal arts and sciences, with just under 14,000.

27, 800 of all Urbana campus students - or nearly 65-percent - are from Illinois.

Overall, about 32,300 undergraduates are enrolled at the flagship university.  The remaining 11,100 students are graduate or professional students.

About three-quarters of undergraduates are from Illinois. Another 15 percent are international students.