UI Campus Robberies Prompt Increased Patrols

August 28, 2013

Champaign and University of Illinois Police say they’re increasing patrols in around the campus area to investigate a string of robberies that go back to last week.

Those reports include one that occurred around 12:30 Wednesday morning on East Stoughton Street.  Officers say a 25-year old male was approached by two men when locking up his bike. 

Reports show one of them placed the barrel of a gun to the victim’s head, demanding property.  The man initially refused, but later gave the suspect cash.  The suspect then stuck the victim with the gun. 

U of I Police later found him unconscious and bleeding, and was treated at a local hospital.  The man also reported a laptop, credit cards, and other personal items were missing. 

The armed man was described as black male, about 5'7" tall, but no additional desciptions were provided to police.

There have been six total robberies reported since last Friday.  Police say some of the patrols will include officers dressed in plain clothes. 

Officers advise those on campus to avoid walking alone, or being distracted by using cell phones or other electronic devices. Two of the victims were using cell phones or headphones when they were approached.

Anyone with further information is asked to call Crimestoppers at 373-TIPS.

Story source: WILL