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Unit 4 Board Releases Final Four Sites for New Central High School


The Champaign School Board has released the final four sites under consideration for a new Central High School.

They are - 1) The northeast corner of Prospect Avenue and Olympian Drive, 2) The northwest corner of Prospect and Olympian,  3)The southwest corner of Market Street and Olympian Drive, and 4) North of the ‘T’ intersection between Interstate Drive and Neil Street. 

The District released a map of the four sites Monday night, following an architect’s presentation before the school board.

The board was expected to choose its top site Monday, but not publicly announce that site until negotiations have been finalized.

"As a Board, we understand the lasting impact the new high school location we have on our community," said Unit 4 Board President Laurie Bonnett, in a press release.  "We've spoken with our students and families and we know how important it is to them to include all of the amenities of a high school on one site.  We want to build a high school to fit our students' needs and allow room to grow in the future.  We are committed to finding solutions to maximize community involvement at any of the final sites."

The four sites are the results of a transportation study by the Champaign County Regional Planning Commission, community engagement from the Unit 4 future facilities committee, and the school board’s talks with architects.