University Of Illinois Urbana Campus Announces Total Ban On Tobacco Products

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In light of the increasing weight of scientific evidence of the harm created by tobacco use, the campus shall be entirely tobacco and smoke free.

Courtesy of U of I.

Officials at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign announced the campus is now 100% smoke- and tobacco-free.

The campus first banned the use of all smoke-producing products in 2014.

The new policy bans all tobacco products, including chewing tobacco and other smokeless varieties. Vaping devices such as e-cigarettes and juules will also be prohibited. 

U of I Chancellor Robert Jones announced the forthcoming changes in a campus-wide email in 2018.

“We are updating this policy to strengthen our Illinois commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles,” Jones said. “I ask everyone to respect our new policy to create a healthy environment for our entire university community.”

The policy will apply to all students, employees and visitors on any campus-owned property – indoors and outdoors – as well as in private vehicles parked on campus property. 

University police and security guards will begin enforcing the policy when the fall semester kicks off on Monday, Aug. 26.

The first ticket will be a warning. Fines for subsequent tickets will increase up to $100 by the fourth violation.

U of I officials say the campus will continue to offer tobacco-cessation programs through McKinley Health Center and Campus Wellbeing Services.

The use or possession of marijuana will remain prohibited after January 1, 2020, when the state law legalizing recreational use goes into effect.

Find more information at the "Tobacco Free Campus" website.

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