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Urbana Plans To Replace Pothole-Pocked Windsor Road

City says replacement required by crumbling road

Urbana mayor Laurel Prussing announced today that the city hopes to completely replace Windsor Road this summer.

 The road suffers from a chemical reaction that’s causing the concrete to crumble.  Winter weather only exacerbated the problem.

Prussing says the only question left is financing. 

“We don’t have the money so we have to issue bonds and we need some help from the state and federal governments," she says.  "What we need is $6 million.  And what we’ve been discussing is maybe 3 million in bonds and 3 million in state and federal aid.”

Prussing says the city already has a quarter of a million dollars from the state and engineering planning is underway.

She says the city council is in favor of the project and she’d like to have bids out by July first.  Construction would begin soon after.

In the meantime, Prussing says city crews are constantly patching potholes with a gravel mixture that she calls a band-aid. She says the normal hot patching materials are not available yet.  Those plants don’t open until construction season.