US Chamber of Commerce Endorses Davis For Congress


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has stepped into the 13th District congressional race in Illinois ….endorsing Republican Rodney Davis for the seat. Chamber officials were on hand Tuesday at news conferences around the district, in which Davis released a jobs plan.

Ben Taylor of the U-S Chamber’s Great Lakes office said it’s a plan they prefer to that of Democrat David Gill. Taylor says Davis “will not raise taxes on small businesses, unlike David Gill; will exploit and explore and increase production of domestic U-S energy, including clean Illinois coal, unlike David Gill; and unlike David Gill, will work to try to repeal and replace Obamacare with a more pro-market pro-business approach.”

Gill has said he favors continued support for domestic renewable energy projects, but opposes tax incentives for the industry. And he says he supports the Affordable Care Act, although he prefers a single-payer option.

Taylor says the U-S Chamber is making endorsements in other selected congressional races across the country.  The Chamber has also endorsed Republican Jason Plummer in Illinois’ 12th congressional district race… and incumbent Republican Larry Bucshon in western Indiana’s 8th District.

With Tuesday’s announcement, both major-party candidates for the 13th Congressional District in Illinois have released plans to boost employment. Davis’ plan would extend the current Bush-era tax cuts and require Congress to review existing regulations with an eye towards eliminating those deemed obsolete or harmful. It would repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with a “market-based approach to the delivery of healthcare”. And the Davis plan calls for strengthening efforts to train workers and upgrade the nation’s transportation infrastructure.

David Gill’s plan also calls for funding to rebuild transportation infrastructure.  Instead of repealing the Affordable Care Act, he would revise it to include his “Medicare for All” proposal --- a single payer option that would be available to more Americans. To help small businesses, Gill wants to allow credit unions to make more business loans. And he calls for creating new jobs through a proposal of President Obama’s, which would retro-fit existing buildings with new green energy technology.

Story source: WILL