Vermilion County Board Chooses One Electric Aggregator


Vermilion County Board members have unanimously chosen one provider for electric aggregation as part of a referendum this fall.

The board chose Integrys, the same provider the city of Champaign is using, over four other bids. 

Board Chairman Jim McMahon says the advantage of this move is that citizens can always opt out, even if the ballot issue passes.  

"We'll enter into negotiations with an electrical aggregate that the state law allows us to have," he said.  "And then the consumer at the end gets to determine whether this is the best rate.  Right now, it's 4.495 (cents per kilowatt hour.)  So if somebody calls my house tonight as says 'I'm from XYZ company', I just say 'can you beat this rate?' and they hang up on me."

As part of the agreement, a percentage of the savings come back to the county. McMahon says that will mean $150,000-to-$300,000 annually, depending on how many customers opt out.

If the referendum passes, McMahon says the county board expects to receive an updated rate from Integrys for December electric bills.

Story source: WILL