Vermilion County Republican Cites Concerns with Budget


Vermilion County’s proposed budget for the next fiscal year is now on display for the public, but one county board member argues the document doesn’t do enough to address the future.

District Two Republican Mike Marron admits there are a lot of things county leaders can’t address, including outstanding bills the state hasn’t paid, and lower equalized assessed valuation of property.

But he also says by dipping into reserves, the board isn’t thinking with a lot of foresight, and not taking steps to deal with a crisis down the line.

"It may be a case where there needs to be better communication between the chairman and I about how we're going to proceed," he said.  "I just feel like before I can comfortably sign on to something like that that I just need to due diligence for my constituents to make sure that plan - an adequate plan is in place."

Democratic County Board Chair Jim McMahon didn’t return a call seeking comment Wednesday.

On Tuesday night, the Vermilion County Board approved putting the suggested budget on display, which statute requires for 30 days before the board can take a final vote on.  The budget can be viewed on the 1st floor of the courthouse annex Monday thru Friday.

The $11.5 million proposal shows levied totals are down just over $7,000 for the next fiscal year.

Story source: WILL