Vermilion County School District Seeking Tax Referendum For Facilities


Vermilion County, Illinois, school districts could ask the voters to approve a sales tax to fund school facilities. 

There is a push to put a one-percent county-wide sales tax referendum on the March 2018 primary ballot.

Scott Watson, Superintendent of the Bismarck-Hinning School District, said the revenue would only be used for school facilities, paying off bonds and lowering property taxes. "It cannot be used for salaries, supplies, books, those types of things," Watson explained. Watson said the sales tax would be a reliable revenue source that frees school districts from having to rely so much on state aid.

The sales tax would not apply to medicine, groceries, motorized vehicles, boats, or farm equipment and seed.

Voters have already approved the school facilities sales tax in 49 Illinois counties, including Champaign, Douglas, Coles Piatt and Macon. 

Story source: WILL