Violence Continues Amid Another Offer To Extend Cease-Fire


There are no indications the short-term cease-fires in the Gaza war are going to lead to something more long-term or even a truce.

With the war 19 days old, Hamas resumed rocket fire on Israel Saturday after rejecting Israel's offer to extend a humanitarian cease-fire. It's another setback in international efforts to negotiate an end to the war.
Israel coupled the offer with a warning that its military would respond to any rocket fire from Gaza and would continue to demolish Hamas military tunnels during this period.
Meanwhile, Palestinian health official Ashraf al-Kidra said that close to 150 bodies have been retrieved. He also said that the number of Palestinians killed has reached 1,047 while more than 6,000 have been wounded.

And in Paris, U .S. Secretary of State John Kerry, meeting with European foreign ministers, continued his efforts, although he had hoped to transform the cease-fire into a more sustainable truce.
Across Gaza, nearly 150 bodies were pulled from the rubble of homes destroyed in Israeli strikes.

Story source: AP