‘Women In Leadership’ Program Seeks Mentors For Fall Semester


The YWCA at the University of Illinois is seeking mentors for its Women In Leadership program.

The program gives 25 female undergraduate interns from the U of I the chance to develop leadership and project management skills.

The women work with local human services agencies identify organizational challenges and implement solutions.

Andrea Rundell, executive director of the University of Illinois YWCA,

She said mentors make a two-semester commitment to helping interns develop their professional potential within their groups and learn to work in teams.

“We’re put in little groups to work together since kindergarten, but so many of us make it into the professional world without having a really good understanding of team dynamics,” Rundell said.

Last year, she said one group teamed up with the Urbana Neighborhood Connections Center, which provides tutoring to Urbana schoolchildren. With the help of a mentor, the women created an online system for managing the volunteer application and orientation process. Rundell said they partner with organizations in the Champaign-Urbana area that have a similar mission to the YWCA, which is to combat racism and empower women.

The Women In Leadership program is still in need of several additional mentors to volunteer with the program. Mentors can apply through the end of August.

“We look for women who can say, ‘Yes, I understand how team dynamics work, I’m interested in helping a team of young women also develop that understanding and ability,” Rundell said.

There are also still several spots available for interns. The deadline to apply for the internship has been extended to September 10.

For now, the program is open to undergraduate women at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Rundell said she hopes to be able to open up the program to young women in the community down the road.

Find more information about the Women In Leadership program at the University of Illinois YWCA website.

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