Woodstock Theater Dedicates Auditorium To Harold Ramis

A plaque that reads "Woodstock Theater Dedicates Auditorium To Harold Ramis"
(Photo: Rick Bellairs)

This is the first year Groundhog Day will go on without Harold Ramis.

More than two decades ago, the famed movie director chose Woodstock, Illinois to shoot his 1993 comedy "Groundhog Day" starring Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell.

Ramis died Feb 24. 2014, at the age of 69.

Rick Bellairs is with the Woodstock Groundhog Days Committee. He was also an extra in the movie. Bellairs says, because of Ramis, the Woodstock town square is recognizable around the world.

"He was just such a gracious and genuine guy, and we were so sad at his passing last year that we just thought it was time. It was a little recognition we could do."

This weekend features a number of "Groundhog Day" activities including tours of filming locations and movie showings.

Saturday morning at 10:00, the Woodstock Groundhog Days Committee, in conjunction with Classic Cinemas, will dedicate one of the auditoriums to Harold Ramis.

It will feature a plaque and framed letter (see picture) Ramis sent to the city after filming.

Story source: Illinois Public Radio