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Parenting Black children and teens in today’s world


This installment of News, Brews & Beatz series focuses on parenting Black children. From “The Talk” to addressing a child’s cultural identity and self-esteem in predominantly white spaces and navigating the challenges of social media with today’s peer pressures, a panel of community experts discuss the challenges of raising Black children in 2023 and what has changed over the decades.

This edition's panel will include UIUC faculty and staff Dr. Carolyn Randolph-Kato (Visiting Assoc. Director of Arts Impact Assessment at UIUC) and Todd Kato (Assistant Director in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions), who are married and parents of three children. We'll also hear from resource specialist Cynthia Smith (Child Care Resource Service), who is a grandmother raising three granddaughters. The panel will also include Danville coach, referee, and entrepreneur Erik L. Felix, a single parent of seven children, as well as adult & senior programs coordinator Robert A. Wise II from the Douglass Annex and psychologist Dr. Dynesha D. Grissom from YMG Psychological Services, PLLC.

Your cohosts are Reginald Hardwick, Illinois Public Media News and Public Affairs Director, and Tracy Parsons, Champaign County Community Coalition Facilitator. The event also features a performance by spoken word artist Missy Richland. Illinois Public Media’s News, Brews & Beatz strives to provide a space for diverse voices to engage in breakthrough conversations regarding pressing community issues and allow for realistic solutions to be identified. Join us for another chance to connect with the community and learn more about approaches to these critical issues. You can explore past discussions on gun violence, housing & economics, education, and other critical community issues right here or on Illinois Public Media’s YouTube page.

News Brews & Beatz 8 - Parenting Black Children & Teens Today