Charles Dickens previews “A Christmas Carol”


Charles Dicken's returns to Praire Fire to give us a preview of a new Christmas story he has been working on. He reads excerpts from his new story to his wife, who proves to be his harshest critic. We'll see what she thinks of his latest work.


Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" episode was shot at the David Davis Mansion in Bloomington, IL.  The episode introduces Heather Parker, who plays Mrs. Dickens, as Charles'  wife.  In real life, Heather has been married to Alan Parker (Charles Dickens) for 52 years.  Heather says it was her first time acting since primary school in England.   Heather is a retired administrative assistant for the Don Moyer Boys and Girls club.  She is a longtime Scouts leader and is a (very) busy grandmother of six grandchildren.