Chris Vallillo


In the heartland of rural America, singer/songwriter Chris Vallillo finds his muse. With a natural affinity for American roots music and a masterful touch in both fingerstyle and bottleneck slide guitar, Vallillo brings the people and places of "unmetropolitan" America to life through song.

Vallillo did not follow a conventional path in pursuing music as a career. With an archaeology degree from Beloit College, his early years were dedicated to the study of the past. However, Vallillo's keen eye for the little details of life would later imbue his songs with rich history and depth.

Roots music is the heart and soul of Chris Vallillo's artistic expression. Inspired by the sounds of Mississippi John Hurt, Norman Blake, Doc Watson, and Ry Cooder, his music is often regarded as timeless. Vallillo skillfully weaves together original, contemporary, and traditional songwriting styles, creating a portrait of the history and lifestyles of the Midwest.

In 2021, Vallillo released his album "Forgottonia." This collection features original songs and instrumentals that capture the essence of rural Illinois, transporting listeners to the vast prairies and small towns.

As a self-taught musician, Vallillo’s journey with music began with exploration. He learned to play slide guitar on a humble $2.00 turn-of-the-century parlor guitar with a warped neck. Embracing vintage charm, Vallillo also cuts his own bottleneck slides by hand. He recommends Italian Pinot Grigio or French Merlot bottles to create the best slides.

To learn more, visit Chris Vallillo's website and let his music transport you to a place where time stands still and stories come to life.