Prairie Fire: Episode 7 - November 2023


In November, we take a look back at three stories from this season that celebrate the Illinois great downstate. In our first episode, we brought you the story of Paralympian and Boston Marathon winner Susannah Scaroni. In episode two, we introduced you to renowned artist and musian Preston Jackson, and finally we get a personal tour of the newly renovated Governor's Mansion from first lady MK Pritzker.

Susannah Scaroni

Follow the remarkable journey of Susannah Scaroni, from her days growing up in Washington, to adapting the challenges of life in a wheelchair following a tragic accident at the age of 5, to the journey that led her to the winner's circle of this year's Boston Marathon!

Preston Jackson

We visited with renowned Illinois painter and sculptor Preston Jackson in Peoria. Jackson's works documenting the Black experience appear all over the United States.

A House the Made History

First Lady of Illinois MK Pritzker gives the Prairie Fire team an exclusive walking tour of the newly redecorated Illinois Governor's Mansion, a project she documented in the new coffee table book, "A House that Made History."