Prairie Performances

Second to None

Portrait of a man from 1889

Johannes Brahms, 1889 By C. Brasch, Berlin -, Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

On this week's Prairie Performances, Friday night at 7 pm on WILL-FM 90.9, tune in for this bold, beautiful, and beguiling program of three “B’s”. This program will move you and thrill you with works illustrating 3 composers’ perspectives in creating their second works in a given genre. Barber, Second Essay for Orchestra; Borodin, Second Symphony; Brahms, Second Piano Concerto with Anton Nel. 

"Second to None" (3/5/16)

Champaign-Urbana Symphony
Stephen Alltop, conductor
Anton Nel, piano

Samuel Barber | Second Essay for Orchestra

Alexander Borodin | Symphony No. 2 in B Minor

Johannes Brahms | Piano Concerto No. 2 in Bb Major, op. 83