The Public Square

Jan Kruse on the anti-war march on Washington


My name is Jan Kruse and according to recent polls I find myself

standing with a majority and yet I am not happy about this at all.

If you go strictly by polls to find out what people are thinking about the current war in Iraq, most US citizens are not feeling very good these days. I discovered lots of facts and statistics about how over half the public thinks we were mislead in going to war in Iraq. Over half say we are not safer now. Over half say the US military can't win the war and that the majority of citizens think that we won't be able to impose our idea of a democracy on the Iraqi people either. Are our elected government leaders listening to this growing anti-war majority?

Recently my husband and I took a few hours to go around the Urbana-Champaign community to place flyers at various places of worship, restaurants, bookstores, and businesses alerting the public about a mass mobilization and march in Washington, D.C., in September. Our flyer states that A.W.A.R.E., the local Anti War Anti Racism Effort, is sponsoring a charter bus to this event on September 24. Our group will join with thousands of other concerned citizens from across the nation to protest against the continued occupation of Iraq and to bring the troops home now!

What was interesting to me was the response to our flyer. People seemed to express an even greater urgency to post the flyer for us, to ask about the details and to inquire about going. Some, who could not go, offered to put money toward a student's cost of participating. Others say they have written letter to congress, called D.C. and the presidential comment line. Yet many felt they needed to do more. Here is that chance to take a stand and to do something more! With a 50-passenger charter bus heading to DC Friday night September 23 and arriving back here early Sunday, September 25, seats will fill up fast.

If you want to join with the anti-war majority and head to D.C. with AWARE and hold the White House and Congress accountable for the deaths, lies and destruction and the toll this war is taking on our community please call 328-2789 to find out more about this event. The deadline to sign up is September 7. The US public has grown tired of the lies, destruction and death. If you want to be a part of this effort to represent our community in this national day of protest call: 328-2789; don't miss this bus ride and historic event in our nations capitol on September 24.This is your chance to do more and to stand with the antiwar majority! Join us and let your voice be heard!