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Lynn Wolgamat of Keep Vermilion County Beautiful on Clean-Up Day at Kickapoo State Park


Hundreds rallied last year to save Kickapoo State Park near Danville from closing. What a victory! Because of those efforts, more than 1 million people will get to enjoy Kickapoo State Park again this year.

Kickapoo State Park is home to a 2,800-acre playground that includes mountain biking, camping, hiking, hunting, bird watching, scuba diving, fishing, skating, sledding and picnicking. Kickapoo Park is a great place to spend time with others, alone or as a family.

What are you doing on Saturday, April 25th?

Your help is needed to help clean up the park for all to enjoy.

Hello, my name is Lynn Wolgamat of Keep Vermilion County Beautiful. In partnership with WILL and the Great American Cleanup, Keep Vermilion County Beautiful is sponsoring clean up day at Kickapoo State Park in Oakwood on Saturday, April 25th from 8am until 1pm. You may have seen the announcement on WILL-TV or heard about it on WILL radio.

On April 25th, we're looking for hundreds of people to help plant trees, cut back walking trails, pick up litter and clear the ponds and river of garbage. Gloves and bags will be provided for the clean-up. Kickapoo Landing will provide canoes to adults who want to participate in the river clean-up. Lunch is free for everyone who helps. Last year 140 people participated. With your help, we can double or even triple that number.

If you are interested in cleaning up Kickapoo Park on Saturday, April 25th, please contact Jason at 443-6803. That's Jason at 443-6803. Or visit the WILL website for more information at That's Look for the article "Volunteer for Clean-Up Day at Kickapoo."

Clean-up day at Kickapoo State Park is a partnership between Keep Vermilion County Beautiful and WILL.