The Public Square

Tracy Satterthwaite on live music at Kickapoo State Park


This summer WILL is sponsoring the live music held at Kickapoo Landing in Kickapoo State Park. One of the visitors to the Landing called it "a little slice of heaven". They were referring to the fact that they could sit at a picnic table overlooking a beautiful lake, watch the swans, geese and canoes as they float by, enjoy their friends and listen to the music being played by a live local band.

The Tuesday and Friday night music has become a tradition for many people. This started out seven years ago when a group called "Strings Attached" played music over Labor Day as part of a bunch of family events planned for the weekend. They were so well received that they were scheduled to play once a month the next year. Other bands heard about this new venue and began asking if they could play. This has evolved into twice a week music concerts often attended by 200 people or more.

When the park was slated to be closed last year, these "regulars" became some of the most vocal protesters. It has become a family and community that no one wants to lose.

Come join us this Friday, July 10th (tonight?) from 5:30-7:30 as WILL helps bring Strings Attached back to The Landing. Kickapoo State Park is just west of Danville and 25 miles east of Champaign-Urbana on I-74. If you have questions call the Landing at 217-446-8399. That's 217-446-8399. Hope to see you there.