Episode 2: Testing, Testing 1, 2, 3 Testing

Rising to the Challenge: A podcast by the University of Illinois System

Testing, Testing,1, 2, 3 Testing.

In this episode of Rising to the Challenge, Dr. Marty Burke explains what it took to create a fast, accurate, inexpensive and easy-to-scale Covid test in six weeks: What happened when that test was put to the test when all the students flooded back for the 2020 school year....what went right and what went wrong? Also, moving beyond the walls of the University with the SHIELD Illinois Program. Ron Watkins from UIUC explains plans to help the entire state stay safe. And, how does the health care system test our families experiencing homelessness?  We ride along with Dr. Stockton Mayer and Rebecca Singer from UIC as they bring their mobile testing unit to a population that is most at risk. Then we talked to Anant Naik, a third-year medical student at Carle Illinois College of Medicine in Urbana Champaign, about the children's book he wrote and illustrated called Heroes of the Pandemic: Those who Stood up to COVID 19


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