Rebecca Guyette speaking on a stage

Episode 4: Visiting with Rebecca Guyette and her story “Why We Should All Have a Mexican Mother”

Rebecca Guyette's story "Why We Should All Have a Mexican Mother" was a tribute to her mother in the 2015 show. We chat with Becca about what has changed since she shared this story... but also what has stayed the same.

Stacey LeBrecque Cole speaking on stage

Episode 3: Visiting with Stacey LaBrecque Cole and her story “Eye of the Tiger”

Stacey LaBrecque Cole shared her story "Eye of the Tiger" onstage in That's What She Said 2016. She shares with the audience her private struggle with domestic violence and how it has shaped her into the woman she is today.

Women standing on stage talking with arm extended

Episode 2: Visting with Gianina Taylor Baker and her story, “Mom, PhD”

Kerry and Jenette visit with Gianina Taylor Baker and her story, titled, “Mom PhD” about the journey she went on deciding whether or not she should be a stay at home mom. Gianina appeared in the 2016 production of That's What She Said. 

Kerry Rossow speaking to an audience using a microphone

Episode 1: Visiting with Kerry Rossow, co-founder of The She Said Project and her story “Naked on Healey Street”

The first episode takes us back to the original show in 2013, when Kerry took a leap of faith and created the very first That’s What She Said. That fateful night, she shared a glimpse into her life and the importance of having close women friends in her story "Naked on Healey Street."

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