March 06, 2010

This time around, we profile Chatterbox Audio Theater, a Memphis-based group of actors that has moved the thrill of stage plays to the internet. We hear the story of a purple stuffed rabbit named Grape Jelly. We have an interview with a historian who has created a blog focusing on newspaper personal ads of the 19th century. And we learn the strange history of the marathon run at the 1904 Olympic games in St. Louis. Those stories and more, this time on Sidetrack.

I, Avatar

Addicted to Junk

Memory Palace: 1904 Olympic Marathon

My Best Friend is Purple

Advertising For Love

Our Town for a new generation

Chatterbox Audio Theater

WILL Highlights

The Force

Go inside the Oakland Police Department as it struggles to reform at 8 pm Jan. 22 on WILL-TV

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