The Experiences of Women in America

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Today's Lesson: The Experiences of Women in America

Sexism, by definition, is prejudice or discrimination against an individual on the basis of sex. Deeply rooted in the societal belief that one sex is intrinsically superior to another, sexism in the United States has historically been linked to the experiences of women and girls. You can see and feel its effects through gendered stereotypes, tropes, and/or pre-defined roles, as well as historically lower pay, a lack of access to equal education or adequate healthcare, and underrepresentation in our political system.

Throughout the summer, this learning space will explore what it means to be a woman in America, celebrating their influence, experiences, contributions, leadership, and accomplishments. From the everyday experiences of mothers, daughters, and friends, to the national impacts of notable women, we hope everyone can gain a better understanding of what being a woman in America means and how their lasting impacts are visible all around us.

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