Steve Allen

October 13, 2017

Allen and some of his squad in the Que Son Valley, Vietnam, in December 1969/January 1970.

Photo Credit: Courtesy Steve Allen

Steve Allen from Newman, Illinois served as an officer in the U.S. Marine Corps during the Vietnam War from 1970-1971. His radio man, "Smitty." left a lasting impression on him.

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Central Illinois Vietnam War Stories

A man being interviewed on camera in a studio

Oral History Interview: Donald Hyche

Donald Hyche of Champaign, Illinois enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and served as an area door gunner during the Vietnam War from 1970 – 1971.  He reflects on race relations, combat and his recovery from post-traumatic stress disorder.

two women, Constance Edwards in uniform on the right

Oral History Interview: Constance Edwards

Constance Edwards of Frankfort, Illinois served as an officer in the Army Nurse Corps during the Vietnam War from 1966 until 1967.  The United States Army recruited her while she was a student at Tuskegee University in Alabama, where she was born and lived until joining the Army.