A woman stands outside with several chickens as she's having her photo taken.
Lisa Bralts
April 10, 2015

Henthusiastically Yours

Urban chickens have to live somewhere, right? In this episode of Backyard Industry, Lisa Bralts takes a bike tour to see some of the coolest coops in the neighborhood.

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Chickens in a chicken coop.
Lisa Bralts
July 02, 2014

Tour de Coop

As of January 2014, backyard chickens are legal in Champaign, Illinois. What better way to introduce curious friends and neighbors to the concept than to have an open house... for your chicken coop? It seems other wheels are turning, too... Backyard Industry's Lisa Bralts investigates.


June 17, 2010

Urban Chicken? You BET

This week Lisa finds there's more in some urban backyards than fruits or vegetables -- and we're not talking rabbits....


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