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Bioethical Challenges in a Twenty-First Century World

Guest: Mark Siegler, M.D., Professor of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Chicago.

The forebears of today's doctors could have only dreamed of the modern medical technology commonly in use today. But even as these tools have generated ethical challenges as fast as they simplify physical ones. When do we start and stop treatment? How do we decide whether we are doing more harm than good? Today on Focus, we're joined by Dr. Mark Siegler to discuss ethics in today's medicine.

Revenge of the Microbes: Are Antibiotics in Danger?

Guest: Abigail Salyers, Professor of Microbiology at the University of Illinois.

Have we come to take antibiotics for granted? Microbiologist Abigail Salyers says yes. In fact, she says, many of us willingly participate in their misuse without thinking about the potentially disastrous consequences. Today on Focus we'll tackle the issue of bacterial resistance to antibiotics, what it means for the future of human health, and possible solutions to the problem.