Jemeatris Rimkus

The Story of St. Elmo Brady; ‘Lottery Day’ Play; Fighting Robocalls

St. Elmo Brady was the first African-American to get a Ph.D in Chemistry and he earned it at the University of Illinois, all the way back in 1916. Plus, Ike Holter joins us from the Goodman Theatre to talk about his new play, 'Lottery Day,' set in a fictional, quickly gentrifying Chicago neighborhood. And, Illinois got the sixth most robocalls in the nation last year with about 1.8 billion. The problem isn’t going away anytime soon, so we’ll bring you some tips on how to handle them.

Eric Gay/AP

Electronic Monitoring; World’s Fastest Supercomputer; Pulitzer Prize-Winning Play ‘Sweat’ at Goodman

About 2,400 Illinoisans are on electronic monitoring as a condition of their release from prison. But some people say these ankle monitors actually make it harder to re-enter society. And, we’ll learn about the world’s fastest supercomputer. It’s going to be built at Argonne National Labs with help from the Department of Energy. Plus, a new play at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago takes on the decline of manufacturing jobs and tells a very personal story of its consequences. 

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