Michael Ruse

The Evolution-Creation Struggle

Guest: Michael Ruse.

It may seem like a modern-day cultural struggle, but the debate between evolution and creation extends back centuries. Today on Focus, Michael Ruse joins us to discuss similarities between the two models of thought and the near-evangelical commitment that some evolutionists hold to their point of view.

Darwin and the Evolution of “Survival of the Fittest”

Guest: Michael Ruse.

For many people, The Origin of Species marks the end of faith. But professor of philosophy Michael Ruse argues otherwise. He says that, in a way, the ideas of Charles Darwin can be seen as a solution to the loss of faith, rather than its cause. This morning on Focus we'll talk to Ruse about the persistence of Darwinian thinking and his belief that evolutionary ethics is still a thriving part of the lives of Americans, although religion does still play a major role.

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