Rick Pearson
Reginald Hardwick/Illinois Newsroom

Preview of 2022 in Illinois politics

We are at the beginning of what’s expected to be an interesting year in Illinois politics, with expensive, rough political fights in both the primary and general elections. To discuss upcoming the new timeline for primaries, new legislative maps, the races for Statehouse and Congress and more, The 21st was joined by two political reporters.

Recap: Illinois General Assembly’s Pandemic Session

Early Sunday morning, the Illinois General Assembly wrapped up a four-day legislative session. Activity was relatively limited: passing a budget, changing a few voting laws, and approving curbside ordering of cocktails during the pandemic. Wearing masks and keeping socially distant, lawmakers conducted session without the usual swarm of lobbyists, activists, and members of the public to bear witness. But Statehouse reporters were keeping tabs — mostly from a distance — and two joined us to recap the session.

AP/Andrew Harnik

Understanding All Of These Campaign Ads

A lot of money is being spent on this year's governor's race, and usually those fundraising dollars are used to get the word out through events and advertising. To help you understand the deluge of campaign ads, we talked with the Chicago Tribune's Rick Pearson.

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