Vietnam War

Oral History Interview: Paul Wisovaty

Paul Wisovaty

Paul Wisovaty Tim Meyers/Illinois Public Media

Paul Wisovaty was hanging out in pool halls in Taylorville, Illinois when he was drafted into the military in 1966.

"Me leaning against our armored personnel carrier, sometime and somewhere in Vietnam in 1968"

Photo Credit: Paul Wisovaty

In 1968, he served six months as a radio operator in an armored personnel carrier during the Vietnam War.

Instead of re-enlisting, he was admitted to the University of Illinois where he learned more about the Vietnam War and participated in anti-war protests. Wisovaty later joined Vietnam Veterans Against the War.

He now talks to high school students about the Vietnam War and raises money for scholarships for veteran’s children as a member of the Polish Legion for American Veterans. Being a veteran is still an integral part of his life.

He discusses how his experience has changed his outlook on the world.

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