We Are Monticello

Pleased to Meet You


Illinois Public Media staff had a great time meeting with just over 20 of Monticello's storytellers at the Monticello High School Library last Thursday. These folks are intent on capturing their town's most interesting stories with a little help from their friends - us!

IPM's Director of Community Content and Engagement Director, Kimberlie Kranich, gave a thorough overview of the project and the storytellers' role (capture footage, perform interviews, BE interviewed). Producer Lindsey Moon matched upstory ideas with storytellers, and videographer/editor Henry Radcliffe talked to participants about how to use the cameras we're providing for folks who don't have easy access to one. Marketing and other development staff were also in attendance to provide support and help with brainstorming. I think everyone left the meeting that night completely excited by the diverse array of storiess that Monticelloans told us they have to tell.

How will the videography go? What kind of footage will people capture? We don't know, but we're excited to find out. Participants will be meeting with IPM staff again at Monticello High School on Saturday, September 28, to be interviewed about their footage - and this is where IPM's work really begins. All the collected footage will be edited by Henry into short (2.5 - 3 minutes) videos talking about an aspect of Monticello life that people outside the area might not be familiar with. How did the school mascot get its unusual name? Is it just corn and beans being farmed in the area... or is there something else? What's REALLY going on in Monticello? IPM will put all the videos together into a program that'll air on WILL-TV in early December... that's when all of us can find out.

Bookmark this page for more blog entries about the project as the storytelling progresses. It's already been an inspiring project to work on - and I'm sure it'll become even more so as things continue. Stay tuned. - Lisa Bralts/Marketing