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The 21st Show - January 10, 2019

Legislation Session Preview; Fake News; Children Coping With Disasters

Today on the 21st: Yesterday, your representatives convened in Springfield to take their oaths of office. And on Monday, Governor Pritzker will take a similar oath. But what will they do as your elected officials? And what are different stakeholders in the process thinking? We speak with Illinois Public Radio statehouse reporter Brian Mackey and WTTW Politics reporter Amanda Vinicky. Plus, a new study finds that fake news is shared most by older Americans. We speak with someone very interested in this topic, journalism professor Nikki Usher. Also, an Illinois researcher shares how her work with natural disasters, like Hurricane Maria, is now being used to help children overcome other trauma.

AP/J. Scott Applewhite

The 21st Show - January 09, 2019

Sen. Duckworth; New Dental Health Law; Mindfulness & Childbirth; R. Kelly Criminal Investigation

On The 21st: Sen. Tammy Duckworth joined us to talk about the latest in politics, including the government shutdown. Also, a new law signed last month is focused on advancing dental healthcare in rural areas. How might communities here in Illinois benefit? Plus, early research shows there are benefits for women who use mindfulness techniques to turn toward the experience of childbirth, rather than run away from it. And, prosecutors in Chicago and Atlanta are investigating singer R. Kelly after the documentary, 'Surviving R. Kelly' aired on Lifetime last week.

Eugene Philips

Mary Hansen/NPR Illinois

The 21st Show - January 07, 2019

Finding Success At Technical Colleges; Eating Well & Exercise In The New Year; New Year, New Laws

On The 21st: Despite demand in the labor market for the skills that trade schools provide, many parents and teachers still push for four-year college. Wes Aymer in Springfield wants to change the perception around trade school. Plus we discuss ways to exercise and eat smarter in the new year. But first, with the new year comes new laws. This year, more than 250 new laws took effect here in Illinois. Which do you need to know about? 

Andrew Harnik/AP

The 21st Show - January 03, 2019

How Racism Affects The Health Of Black Youth; Forgotten Desserts

On this encore edition of The 21st: We revisit our conversation with Professor Enrique Neblett about how racism affects the mental and physical health of Black youth. Plus, we also talk about some of our beloved classic dessert recipes before the advent of the refrigerator.


The 21st Show - January 02, 2019

‘America to Me’ Documentary Series About Oak Park; MacArthur Fellows From Illinois

On this encore edition of The 21st: Steve James tells us about his ten-part documentary series 'America to Me,' which explores race, education and high school through the lens of a handful of students at Oak Park and River Forest High School. But first, two of this year's MacArthur “genius grant” winners were from Illinois. We revisit our conversation with the MacAurthur fellows about the Foundation and their work. 


The 21st Show - December 27, 2018

Martha Nussbaum And Overcoming Fear; Comic Studies And Graphic Novels

On this encore edition of The 21st: How do we overcome fear? We revisit our conversation with Martha Nussbaum about how fear is affecting our politics and political discourse, and ask what to do about it. Plus, we discussed the graphic novel adaptation of "Kindred," the difficulties of adapting a work into a comic or graphic novel, and the difference between the two.

Parker Palmer

The 21st Show - December 24, 2018

Parker Palmer On Aging With Grace; The Great Lakes Are Warming

On this encore edition of The 21st: We revisit our conversation with Parker Palmer. He joined us to discuss his book about looking at age as something entirely different, called "On the Brink of Everything: Grace, Gravity & Getting Old." Plus, a new report finds that the Great Lakes are warming. Higher temperatures could have a disastrous effect on Lake Michigan’s game fish which depend on cold water.

Courtesy of Alec Nevala Lee

The 21st Show - December 20, 2018

Chicago Writer Alec Nevala-Lee; Holiday Movies 2018; Producers as Experts

On the 21st: It’s our last live show of the year! We spoke to Chicago-area writer Alec Nevala-Lee about his new book, which delves into the history of science fiction. And, we heard from the folks behind the scenes as we turned the microphone over to The 21st producers. Plus, there are lots of movies out this holiday season. We dove into some of the best ones with movie critic Reggie Ponder.

(AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato)

The 21st Show - December 19, 2018

Airport Tips For The Busy Holiday Season; Cookbook Gift Ideas

On the 21st: Friday will be an extremely busy day at Chicago’s airports, with an estimated 5.7 million travelers coming through Midway and O'Hare. We called up a couple of travel experts to share their advice. And, are you still behind on holiday gifts? We assembled some chefs and other foodies to provide some recommendations for everything from cookbooks to baking recipes.

Heather Paul/Flickr

The 21st Show - December 18, 2018

Native American Hall Renovation; #MeToo Taxpayer Tab; Black Lung Disease; State Farm Credit Reports

On the 21st: The Field Museum's Native North American Hall hasn’t changed much since the 1950s. Now that it’s being remodeled, Native American communities are finally getting a chance to shape it.Plus, a joint investigation between three Chicago newsrooms found that the city spent more than $55 million on sexual harassment and assault cases. And, we unpack an NPR and Frontline investigation which found that over 200,000 coal miners are now suffering from Black Lung disease. But first, State Farm Bank is being sanctioned by the federal government for the way it handled credit reports, but consumer advocates that’s not far enough. 

Photo by L. Brian Stauffer/Illinois News Bureau

The 21st Show - December 17, 2018

Illinois State Climatologist Jim Angel; U of I Professor Fired For Fake Grant; Books Of The Year

On the 21st: Jim Angel has been watching our state’s weather and climate for more than twenty years as Illinois’ State Climatologist. During that time, the climate has changed - and it’s going to change at an even greater rate going forward. He is retiring after serving in his role for 21 years - and he joins us one more time to talk Illinois weather and take a look back at his career. Also, a University of Illinois has fired a tenured professor for just the second time since the 1960s. The reason? He had faked research data on a federal grant. Plus, there are so many kinds of holiday gifts, but there’s no substitute for a good book. We’ll bring in some Illinois librarians with their suggestions for every kind of reader.

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