college graduates

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The 21st Show - May 19, 2016

Job Outlook For Grads; What’s With The Gnats?

On The 21st: We talked with economists and millennials about the job outlook of recent graduates. We also talked with an entomologist with University of Illinois Extension about why cleaner water is bringing more gnats to Illinois.

solar panels

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The 21st Show - May 17, 2016

Solar Power In Illinois; STEM Mentorship Program

On the 21st: The solar panels on one man's Champaign home generate enough electricity for the house and the cars - and feed the grid. Illinois towns and residents are turning toward the sun for power and we talked about howmuch they are saving. Also, a STEM mentorship program helps high school students from across the state get connected with mentors in academia and industry.

Marijuana Leaves

United States Fish and Wildlife Service

The 21st Show - May 17, 2016

Medical Marijuana Pilot Program; Long Lines In Airport Security

On The 21st: We looked into the state of medical marijuana in Illinois and how it compares to other states. Critics say it's been too slow to ramp up especially because the state's pilot program is set to expire at end of 2017. Plus, we talked about what is going on with the really long lines at airport security checkpoints.

fathead minnow fish


The 21st Show - May 16, 2016

Drugs In The Water; Monarch Migration; Political Roundup

On The 21st: Scientists have found eggs in male fish in the Des Plaines river, and researchers suspect the culprit is pharmaceuticals and other chemicals in the water. What does that mean for fish, and for us? Plus, we learn about the migration of monarch butterflies from Mexico to Canda, and get a preview of what we can expect from lawmakers in Springfield this week.

Story Corps

The 21st Show - May 13, 2016

New StoryCorps Book; Migratory Birds; Go Cubs Go

On The 21st: We talked with Dave Isay, author of a new StoryCorps book about careers and callings. Plus, we learned what birders can expect at the 8th annual bird migration festival, and talked about the Cubs' recent successes.

The 21st Show - May 12, 2016

Homeless Youth In Illinois; The Cahokia Mounds; NPR’s Kelly McEvers

On The 21st: What is the experience of being a homeless youth in Illinois? We talked with one formerly homeless youth and those trained to help. Also, Sen. Durbin and others say the Cahokia Mounds should be named a National Monument. And NPR's Kelly McEvers talked about her new podcast.



The 21st Show - May 09, 2016

Prison Phone Calls; E-Cigarettes; Political Roundup

On The 21st: Calls from prison are expensive and unregulated; what's going on in Springfield to change that? Also, new FDA regulations on e-cigarettes and the latest in Illinois politics.


Jim Meadows / WILL

The 21st Show - May 05, 2016

Nonprofit Hospitals; State Parks; Captain America

On the 21st: Seven out of 10 of the most profitable hospitals in the US are nonprofit -- we learned about what it means to be a nonprofit hospital, and what we should -- and should not -- take away from the earnings numbers. Plus, a local radio host joined us to share why he took action to help reopen a state park in Madison County. 

The Clinton nuclear power station.

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The 21st Show - May 04, 2016

Your Utility & Property Bills; A New U Of I Mascot?

On The 21st: Illinois has the highest property taxes. Why? And should the U of I have a new mascot? We also asked the question: Should the state help a struggling nuclear energy industry keep its downstate silos open?

SIU protest

Brad Palmer / WSIU Radio

The 21st Show - May 03, 2016

Free Speech On College Campuses; Animals On A Diet

Today on The 21st: As students demand a greater voice on campus through protests and other means, where do you draw the line with free speech on a college campus? Plus, the not-so-surprising diet secrets of wildlife animals.

The 21st Show - May 01, 2016

Statutes Of Limitation, #MoreThanMean, & Political Roundup

On The 21st: State Attorney General Lisa Madigan joined us to tell us why she thinks the statutes of limitations for sexual assault should be changed. Plus, we spoke with two women in media about online harassment, and in our new Monday political round table, we talked about Chicago State University's recent announcement to lay off 300 employees.

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