The 21st Show - February 28, 2018

Why The Political Ground In McLean County Might Be Shifting

Republicans in McLean County - which includes Bloomington-Normal and surrounding areas - are used to being in charge, and have had a strong voice in Illinois politics. But local Democrats are fired up for this year's midterm elections. And all the while, both parties are trying to answer the same question: What should it take to be a member of our party?

AP/Andrew Harnik

The 21st Show - February 26, 2018

Understanding All Of These Campaign Ads

A lot of money is being spent on this year's governor's race, and usually those fundraising dollars are used to get the word out through events and advertising. To help you understand the deluge of campaign ads, we talked with the Chicago Tribune's Rick Pearson.

Seth Perlman/AP

The 21st Show - February 21, 2018

Just How Expensive Is This Governor’s Race?

The race for Illinois governor is shaping up to be the most expensive in history. But just how expensive? ProPublica Illinois is helping you keep track of how much money each candidate has raised and spent.

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