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A ProPublica Investigation On Video Gambling In Illinois


Matthew Brown/Associated Press

Illinois is home to the largest number of betting locations in the country, according to a ProPublic Illinois report

Accel Entertainment, founded in 2009 after the legalization of gambling outside of casinos, began as a small startup. Since then, the company has grown into the largest gambling business in the nation, and became the country’s first video gambling operator to be publicly traded.

Records obtained by ProPublica Illinois revealed that owner Andrew Rubenstein and his company took advantage of connections to the Illinois Gaming Board to get a leg up.

According to ProPublica Illinois, the company obtained internal gaming board documents about its competitors, making it more difficult for other operators to gain a foothold in Illinois’ video gambling market.

Both Rubenstein and Accel Entertainment declined to comment.

Guests: Jason Grotto, a reporter with ProPublica Illinois.

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