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Barbecue in Illinois; How To Preserve Your Family Heirlooms


David McSpadden/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

On this encore edition of The 21st: We revisit our Labor Day conversation about where to find the best BBQ in Illinois. But first, if you've ever wanted to know how to properly preserve your family heirlooms, Christa Deacy-Quinn and Jennifer Hain-Teper have got you covered.

On this holiday, with the weather finally coming around, we thought we’d take some time on the show to talk about good food.  

Memorial Day traditionally marks the beginning of summer, and what better start to the season than enjoying some BBQ? Back in the fall around Labor Day, we had a chance to speak with a few chefs from some of the most popular BBQ places throughout Illinois. Benjamin Grice is the owner and chef at The Humble Hog in Paxton, that’s about 30 miles north of Champaign. And Pat Burke is the owner and chef of Pat’s barbecue and catering in Murphysboro, in southern Illinois. We wanted to discuss what makes their food unique. We also got some tips for home chefs wanting to up their game.

But first, we caught up with Nuno Ribeiro, who is a huge fan of BBQ. Besides just being a lover of smoked meats, Nuno is also an assistant professor of Recreation, Sport & Tourism and the University of Illinois. David Roe also joined us, he is a board member of the Illinois BBQ Society.


Think about what’s in your basement or your attic. Is that where you tossed your Dad’s old baseball collection or your old baby quilt? Or what about Grandma’s old black and white photos? Are they sitting in a shoebox covered in dust?

We’ve all done it. For lack of time or a better place, we’ve put some of our most precious family treasures in places that might not be the best when it comes to safe keeping. But, lucky for us, every year The U of I’s Spurlock Museum and University Library put on their “Preservation Emporium.”  They’ve got experts in various subjects like textiles, books, musical instruments, digital media, and even archeology who can tell you all about the preservation, treatment and storage of your heirlooms and artifacts.

Although this year’s Emporium was back in April, it's never a bad time to learn how to keep those precious family heirlooms intact. Today, we’re revisiting our conversation with Christa Deacy-Quinn is the Collections Manager at the Spurlock Museum, and Jennifer Hain-Teper is the Preservation librarian at the University Library. They joined us in our Urbana studio back in April.

Story source: WILL