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ENCORE: Crazy Rich Asians; ‘Leaps Of Faiths’ Documentary; Chicago Summer Music


The number of interfaith marriages has been increasing for years. So what does that mean when it comes to raising religious kids? Two Chicago filmmakers ask that question in a documentary called Leaps Of Faiths. Plus, we’ll hear from ESPN’s Cary Chow and CNN contributor Jeff Yang about what the film Crazy Rich Asians meant to them as Asian men. And, as summer wraps up we’ll talk about some of our favorite music artists and venues in Chicago. 

Crazy Rich Asians

This past summer, Crazy Rich Asians hit the box office. It was based on the bestselling book by Kevin Kwan of the same name, and since then, the movie has grossed more the $230 million worldwide. 

Its all-Asian cast is rare in the American film business, especially big-budget Hollywood movies. It’s basically been 25 years since the Joy Luck Club.

It also stands out as a romantic comedy. You heard a little bit about the Prince Harry of Asia in this movie Nicholas Young. And the way he and other male lead actors are portrayed is pretty different from how we usually see Asians, and especially Asian men, in movies and TV.

When the film first came out back in August we had a chance to speak with Cary Chow, he’s a writer for The Undefeated. You may also have seen him on SportsCenter, where he was ESPN’s first Chinese-American broadcaster for that show. Jeff Yang also joined us on the line, he’s a contributor for CNN and a columnist for the South China Morning Post. His son is also Hudson Yang, one of the stars of ABC’s Fresh Off The Boat. 

Leaps of Faiths Documentary

Thirty nine percent of couples who have gotten married in the past decade are in interfaith marriages. That’s a pretty big departure from a few generations earlier in the sixties that number was less than 20 percent. That’s according to PEW research.  

Those numbers are even higher for Jewish communities. More than half of all Jewish people who have been married over the past two decades are in relationships with non-jewish partners. The question of whether you have to choose a religion when it comes to raising your kids is the subject of a Chicago documentary, Leaps of Faiths. 

David Kovacs and Steve Ordower wrote and directed the film.

Chicago Summer Music 

With summer wrapping up, we’ve been thinking back about some of our favorite live shows of this summer. 

But, if you’re looking for new bands and festivals to check out, it can be hard to find the right thing. Between huge festivals, underground dives, and everything in between, where should you start? 

Back in June we sat down with Sean Neumann. He’s a freelance journalist based in Chicago. He’s written for Rolling Stone, Vice and Chicago Reader among others. He also plays in the Chicago bands Jupiter Styles and Ratboys. 

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